A useful guideline for further studies on Thai Massage.

Once you dive into the world of Thai Massage and something touches you deeply, then you may find that a need for more arises. Although we always advise that repeating the basic course is a great step for deepening our practice, the following courses are recommended for those seeking to quench their thirst. The completion of a basic training is a pre-requisite for any of them.

Upcoming Basic Thai Massage courses:


Dynamic Thai Massage

The class is based on rhythmic, rocking and oscillatory movements. Some of the techniques come directly from Thai Massage, and some from Osteopathy (harmonic techniques, general treatment). Extremely therapeutic, this class will give you new tools to improve fluidity, continuity and change of rhythm in your massage. Dynamic Thai massage is a new way to approach the body, to restore lost mobility, to release the nervous system and come into contact with the Water Element…!

Upcoming Advanced course:

 Advanced Dynamic Thai Massage with Krishnataki & David | 18 – 24 August 2021


Thai Massage meets Chinese Medicine

Man explains different elements in the bodyFive Elements, energy points and therapy. This course aims to deepen our understanding of the therapeutic aspect of Thai Massage. We will discover the wisdom of the 5 Elements, the polarities of Yin and Yang and how to apply them in our massage practice using the principles of the Sacred Dance. With both a Static and Dynamic approach we will learn the most important energy Marma Points that run along the Sen Energy Lines, and how to use them in accordance with the ancient Chinese Elemental system.

Upcoming Chinese Medicine course:

 Thai Massage and 5 Elements course with Krishnataki in St. Cecile – FRANCE | 22 – 27 April 2021


Therapy with Energy Lines

In this course, we will learn the science behind what we do in Thai Yoga Massage. We will have the chance to experience the different qualities of the 10 main Energy Lines which will provide great insight for further intuitive therapeutic work. We will also cover the therapeutic uses of the 10 Sen (energy lines) in Northern style Thai Yoga Massage. We will learn how to use this ancient knowledge to treat a variety of common physical and mental imbalances.

Upcoming course:

Emotional Energy Lines in Thai Massage with Till | 1 – 7 June 2021



Osteothai is the integration of osteopathic principles and techniques into Thai massage, a bridge between East and West. It’s a form of bodywork that combines extraordinary creative and powerful Thai massage techniques with the precise and gentle touch of osteopathy.

Osteothai combines:

  • Traditional Thai massage’s varied and powerful stretches, using long leverage techniques across muscle groups (inspired by yoga postures); and its acupressure work on energy lines and the creativity of dynamic movements of traditional Thai massage.
  • Osteopathy’s release of tissue tension and work on the restriction of mobility.


Upcoming Osteo Thai course:


Deepening your knowledge and advancing your technique is valuable and useful in our material world. However, the Essence of Thai Massage is the precious jewel that you have in your hands.
Working deeply on your self and developing your listening through your touch and through your heart will awaken the inner healer. Then the techniques will be the tools.