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Sunshine House

Sunshine House is a traditional, old country home and grounds of 5 generations, situated on the island of Evia, Greece. It is part of the NGO MettaMorfosis and used as a kind of sanctuary, exploring healing techniques of the East and the West, where many people come to learn, share and grow.

Yoga & Thai Massage

With the practice of meditation, yoga and Thai massage among other traditional spiritual practices, our hope is to ignite the healing flame which dwells in each and every one of us.

Our Nature

The aim of Sunshine House is to promote healthy, communal living, anchored in deep spiritual practice. We open our doors to all those in search of this.

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What Are They Saying?


Sunshine House, for me, is to be present in a circle of people that become, in no time at all, a big supportive family. It is to experience a learning process full of joy and lightness and understand the power of giving a smile or touching someone and how it grows immediately to give healing to everyone around you.


The Sunshine House is a place of transformation. A place to feel heard, seen and listened to, like no other place I have been to. A place that changed and inspired my life on so many levels, both physically and emotionally.


Sunshine House is true community and a space of love where radical transformation and profound learning takes place. It’s a haven in today’s world, where the values of dharma, sangha and selfless service are cultivated, which ignites a conscious tribe to go out and heal the world in divine service. Sunshine House is a space that embodies true yoga – a modern day ashram and kula. I miss it!


A perfect place for rejuvenation, warm friendships, sun, sea, yoga, massage and song!


Sunshine House is family. Your second one. It’s the one you get to choose. It is always there for you. It is support when you most need it. Also, an open space for celebration and joy. Sharing and caring, touching and healing, hugging and dancing…together as one!


I walked through the doors of Sunshine House in 2004. Since then I spend long periods of time there. Every year I ask myself what this place is for me and I come to the conclusion that it is my ‘big school’ and the place that magic happens. It’s a place that cultivates consciousness and extracts your potential, while finding out who you really are and what you really need.


Sunshine House is a transformational place. Since I first went there in 2005 it not only changed a lot but it also helped me to change a lot – to transform, grow and expand into a better version of myself. It’s a place that helps you to open your wings. Great courses, healthy food and most important amazing people in service.

Joseph G.

What I took away from my week at Sunshine House was the sense of mission among the staff, assistants and teachers to serve not only the students but the whole world with what they had to share. The welcoming, the support, the togetherness around the dining table or in the steam bath and then the kindness. I highly recommened making friends with Sunshine House!


Sunshine House is the home of the heart. A place to be who you are without judgement. To share, dance, sing, chant and open to your true self through the beautiful art of Thai massage.