Intuition is the space between your thoughts when the mind lets go and surrenders to the present moment. As children, we are born with a natural psychic perception and intuition. Along the way, we become disconnected from our essential wisdom and start filling ourselves up with practical information and logical explanations that we receive from the external world. Turning back inside and listening is a way to earn back some of this wisdom, inner guidance and inspiration. Basically, Intuition is nothing but a heightened awareness of the mind which springs forth naturally from a calm and focused, concentrated condition or you can say it is the sixth sense that we all have inside of us. True intuition needs the involvement of all the senses that we have. The brain makes us intelligent but the heart is also responsible for intelligence and sensitivity. When we develop intuition we are basically increasing the power of our heart to understand what is happening around us and tell us what is ahead.

The following can help to strengthen and exercise your intuition.
  1. Your intellect. Pay attention and listen to what you are saying and thinking.
  2. Imagination. Imagination plays a key role in many things we do. It is the ability to picture things in our head, things that are not visible around us. Visual symbols and shapes are vital to stimulating inner growth.
  3. Trusting your gut. We have been conditioned to look outside for the answers. Nobody knows what’s true for you as well as you know in your soul.
  4. Awareness. This simply means living your life consciously. When we do this and give full attention to each and every moment in our life, we begin to glow in our own light and truth.
  5. Meditation. This is when the body can reduce stress and concentration becomes easier and more effective. Your ability to learn expands and you enhance your creative powers. You may also achieve an overall feeling of well-being. Remember to really hear your inner voice you have to learn to be silent.
  6. Dreams. They are a source of self-help. They can express and teach creativity, reinforce learning, work on problems, and open the door to deeper spirituality. Dreams are therapeutic and healing.
  7. Practice. Think of intuition as a muscle that must be used to gain strength. Here are some exercises to help.

Nature – What animals, insects, weather, trees, plants, flowers are in your life? Which ones come across your path? Which ones are you naturally attracted to… Repelled against? Having the nature radar on, we can begin to notice what is around us and what it is trying to say to us.

Signs – When we have to make decisions, asking the universe for signs to show us the way, maybe in what someone says to us – the Divine speaks often through others. Maybe a song on the radio, a smell, a place, a message or even picking a tarot card. Be alert also to the signs in nature.

Automated writing – Put the pen to paper and ask for guidance – asking intuitive energy a question and then allowing the answer to flow. Doing this three times over and then reading the next day to see what has come through you.

Hands on – Practising intuitive energy in the hands by scanning our own bodies just before sleep and resting where we feel they need to be. Practising on a partner also to see if our hands are able to lead us to places where the other might have some issues and exploring this together with them.

Partner Exercises – Looking into the eyes of another for 2 minutes – in silence and observing what comes up. What can you see? What moves in you? Also having these three questions in mind: Where are you from, Where are you now? Where are you going? And looking into the eyes of the other and without thinking just channeling what comes. Answering these questions about them, and then receiving also.

Visualization – When making decisions – imagining you on the tree of life and the branches are the possible roads you can take – visualize yourself walking along one of them and noticing how you feel, what comes up. What kind of images… Do the same for the others and then compare.

Dreams – Often messages appear to us while sleeping. Some are more obscure, others are more vivid and direct. When we want to tap into the dream essence and messages we can set our alarm clock for 4.30 am and write down upon waking what is happening in the dream. it is often later that we see the real message or interpretation. If not at 4.30 upon waking we can write it immediately before the conscious mind awakes and we forget it all.

If we insist on our experience of the world making sense, we will deprive ourselves of valuable intuitive data. You must be willing to make mistakes. When you follow your intuition you will gain a feeling of power and energy and more importantly a wonderful spiritual connectedness to all things in your life.

Intuition makes sense after you follow it,
not before.
You don’t get to know the beauty unless you take the risk.

— McCall Erickson