Seasonal Online Detox Programs with Krishnataki

Following the wisdom of the Tao and using effective detox techniques we are offering 10-day online Detox Programmes to revitalize the body, mind, and spirit. The basis for this detoxification will be liquids, mainly broths, juices, and smoothies in order to alkaline our blood and bring oxygen and light into every cell of our bodies.
What we are offering is the opportunity for people to understand more about nutrition from both a Greek and Chinese medicine perspective and to start to understand what it means to live a more healthy, nutritional lifestyle. The course includes not only personal support and guidance during your own detox but is also an educational program. We will share how to re-organize your kitchen (what to throw and what to have in your cupboards), what basic recipes you can learn and follow and what techniques to apply in our daily lives to detox when needed, and maintain optimum health.
Stay tuned for the upcoming Detox Program to be announced…!
Send us an email at eva[email protected] if you would like to get informed about the upcoming detox.

Spring Liquid Detox

Invite yourself to embark upon a journey of purification and detoxification. Commit yourself to detox from what your true nature cannot naturally digest, both emotionally and physically, and to unload impurities and flush out heavy toxic substances that you have stored over time.

A time to bring more light energy, oxygen, chlorophyll into your system and to address the magic filter function of the liver. The liver is a divine instrument that contains the polarity of both positive and negative tendencies. The holding on, rigidity, control, anger, rage, lust and greediness are able to dissolve with this intense detoxification in order to ignite the letting go, kindness, clarity, compassion, peace and softness that the liver also once knew before being abused, misused, over-worked and over-stressed with unhealthy habits and a toxic lifestyle.

Offer 10 days to yourself to purify your blood, regenerate and rejuvenate your cells and build strong tissue. Gain clarity and insight into your life’s purpose. Release what is holding you back.

The time for that is overdue. It is now or now. Let us come back to our true nature of light and purity and connect with the temple where our divine essence resides.