Seasonal Online Detox Programs with Krishnataki

Following the wisdom of the Tao and using effective detox techniques we are offering 10-day online Detox Programmes to revitalize the body, mind, and spirit. The basis for this detoxification will be liquids, mainly broths, juices, and smoothies in order to alkaline our blood and bring oxygen and light into every cell of our bodies.
What we are offering is the opportunity for people to understand more about nutrition from both a Greek and Chinese medicine perspective and to start to understand what it means to live a more healthy, nutritional lifestyle. The course includes not only personal support and guidance during your own detox but is also an educational program. We will share how to re-organize your kitchen (what to throw and what to have in your cupboards), what basic recipes you can learn and follow and what techniques to apply in our daily lives to detox when needed, and maintain optimum health.
The next Autumn Iquid Detox Program will be from the 3rd until the 13th of November.
Send us an email at eva[email protected] if you would like to get informed about the upcoming detox.

Autumn Liquid Detox

Autumn is the perfect time to clean out our internal world and prepare our bodies for the Winter months. It is especially important for the times that we are living to strengthen our immunity to protect us against viruses and Winter imbalances. We need to build the Yin element, increase the digestion fire and tonify our kidney energy.

This fasting is designed to fit the needs of every individual in the group, according to his/her constitution of Yin and Yang, to balance the qualities of fire and water in the body.
The course takes place through the Zoom platform (3 Zoom meetings that will be recorded and sent to all the participants, in case you can’t attend the live meeting), for informal check-ups, nutritional information, and recipes.
As part of this educational program, we will also be sending you some videos with small sequences of movement and pranayama that will complement and assist the detox process. We will also educate ourselves with the fundamental understanding of food combinations to decrease our tendency for bad food habits.
Our vision for this 10-day course is to lighten up and understand the Yin and Yang in our bodies and keep that balance constant throughout the year. We will learn many recipes and tips on how to prepare our bodies for each season.
The Autumn Liquid Detox starts on Thursday, the 3rd and it will finish on the 13th of November.
➤ 1st Zoom meeting: Thursday, 3rd of Nov. at18:00 GMT – Portugal time.
➤ 2nd meeting: Monday, 7th of Nov. at 18:00 GMT – Portugal time.
➤ 3rd meeting: Sunday, 13th of Nov. at 18:00 GMT – Portugal time.
➤ The Zoom meetings will be recorded and sent to all the participants, in case you can’t attend the live meeting.
To register for this course please fill in this form:
The cost of the program is between 150 – 250€ according to your financial situation.
Once we receive your registration we will send you an email with the zoom link and a list of recommended things to buy.
➤ For more info, email us at: [email protected]

If you feel that this is the right time for you to purify yourself then join us on this journey together!