What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage classes

Thai Massage goes beyond the limitations of the mind. Traditionally practiced in Buddhist monasteries, Thai massage is regarded above all as a spiritual practice, a meditation in movement, closely connected with the teachings of the Buddha. The masseur practices in a meditative state and develops his sensitivity and compassion to tune into the patient’s needs in order to offer him/her the chance to tap into their own healing journey. Our Basic Trainings are primarily focused on self-healing. Once we acknowledge our own suffering and personal limitations, then we are able hold space for another to discover and work through theirs.

Basic Courses Include…

Professional courses in Thai Massage
Meditation course

Daily meditation, movement class, chanting

Principles of Thai massage

Understanding and application of the General Principles of Thai Massage

Yoga posture

Correct posture for minimum effort and maximum result

Learning the basics fo thai massage

Learning to touch with awareness and listen with our hands – developing intuition

A full-body (2hr) massage sequence (each day focusing on a different mini-sequence, which slowly builds up throughout the 10 days – from the feet to the head)

Smooth transitions for fluidity and grace

Herbal compresses and moxibustion

All our courses are taught by a main teacher with a team of assistants, who offer optional full Thai massage sessions during the lunch break.
All our courses are certified by the Sunshine Network and are part of The Mindful Touch Training programme, established in 2013 as a way of standardizing the practice and teaching of Thai massage worldwide.

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How Thai Massage can change…

Thai Massage

Thai massage is embodied intimacy, a dancing meditation and a training in loving kindness towards yourself and others. It taught me to slow down and be still, allowing my active-doing mind to take a rest once in a while. Thai massage gave me a simple space for a deeper connection to others.


Thai massage changed my life in a profound way. Discovering that my heart has wings and roots and that my hands are instruments to pour love, I finally inhabit my body fully. I have found my tribe in Sunshine House.  


Thai massage was the Big Bang of my touch, my contact and my connection to people around me.


Thai massage changed my life – it brought and brings me back again and again into the heart – to just feel, listen and trust. It taught me that it is all about connection and touch. Touching our souls, getting in touch with the Great Spirit and feeling home with this wonderful Sangha.


Thai massage has given me the tools and inspiration to express my natural drive to help and connect with people. Krishnatakis, my teacher, has taught me the freedom of form and the way our hands and feet grow like trees from within the heart, creating a safe space where people can be. Thank you.


When I started in 2003 with Thai massage, I already worked as a physiotherapist. I enjoyed the freedom, the way of listening and working more holistically with Thai massage. Today I would not say that Thai massage changed my life but that Thai massage is my life. I think Thai massage, I dream Thai massage and I enjoy giving and sharing – its just my personal sadhana.