Who Are We?

In Sunshine House Retreat Center we are a group of yoga and Thai Massage lovers who enjoy sharing and organizing workshops and retreats to help spread holistic living and a nutritional, healthy, spiritual way of life. We all enjoy the community spirit and so our best to help share and grow together with you.


Krishnataki, originally from Greece, has been teaching Thai Yoga massage, Yoga and Qi Gong since 1998, having lived and studied in Thailand and India. He is a Senior Massage Teacher of the Sunshine Network, having trained with Thai Massage masters Pichet Boonthume, Chayuth Priyasith and Asokananda.

He is passionate about organic farming, Chinese Medicine, cooking and nutrition, and incorporates aspects of Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong into all his courses. His base is at Sunshine House, however he often travels abroad to teach and also study. He is renown for his unique, spontaneous and passionate way of teaching as well as his generous spirit and open heart.
When he is not teaching, he is with his three beautiful children or soaking in hot spring waters.


Kerys spent many years living and working in Thailand, Japan and India and has carried with her imprints of a deep spiritual practice. She is a full time mother, birthing doula and manages Sunshine House from the sidelines.

She first studied Thai Massage and Yoga in 2000, however, she now offers sessions in abdominal massage, pregnancy massage and craniosacral therapy. Her transition into motherhood brought her to a deeper understanding of herself, of the need for community and alternative education and health for children. She enjoys writing, singing, dancing, being in nature and facilitates women’s gatherings.


Pavlis is originally from Crete, Greece and is a talented server. Having studied hospitality and tourism management his passion is in creating a warm and welcoming environment for all the guests in Sunshine House.

Traveling in Asia to study Thai massage many years ago led him to combine traditional hospitality with alternative healing arts and a love for the meeting place that is Sunshine House. He is the backbone of the daily needs of all – teachers, students and volunteers, and can often be seen running around to help everything run smoothly.


Lydia is one of the oldest members of the Sunshine team. She is a multi-tasker who organizes all administration and bookings for Sunshine House. Working for many years in tourism, she has a lot of experience in organizing events and retreats in Greece or abroad.

She is also a capoeira graduate, cake decorator, Brazilian Portuguese teacher, survey engineer and many more things! But most of all she is a very welcoming person and happy to meet and hug you with love when you arrive at Sunshine House and ensure that you feel at home.


Afendoula, born and raised in rural Evia, is an alchemist with herbs, food and plants. Since an early age she has been very connected to nature’s beauty and healing properties and after studying several courses in herbs, essential oils and nutrition, she now focuses on making natural cosmetics and products with the brand name LoveMade.

She cooks with love for our seminars and likes to combine traditional Greek recipes with vegan/vegetarian ethics to provide nutritious meals for the body and spirit with locally sourced produce. Her open heart and desire to nurture others are felt in the vibrations and abundance of her food.


Merita, originally from Albania, lives and works in Sunshine House as our resident Big Mama. She is our resident cook and gardener, who has a natural talent with everything she can do with her big, warm hands. She takes care of the home, garden and kitchen and with her big sweet smile, she melts the hearts of all our guests.

When she is not working, she is taking care of her two sons and husband! She never stops! Unless she is knitting!

See a more detailed view of life at Sunshine House in this documentary made by filmmaker Kristina Tschesch.

Why Sunshine House

Mindful Touch
Massage; Healing touch; Receiving; Giving; Holding space; Learn traditional healing arts and feel the benefits of both giving and receiving.
hands making a heart sign
Community Spirit
Sangha – the community of spiritual seekers – an important part of the journey to know that you are not alone, nor separate.
Home from Home
We are renown for this feeling of ‘coming home’. Walk through the gates and feel as though this is your second home.
a plant
Food for the Soul
Locally grown produce, rich in natural flavor, combined with herbs and spices to offer you abundant vegan and vegetarian meals cooked with love.
Dive Within
Turn your look inside and take time, space and silence to see what is there; to truly listen to your inner voice and let it speak to you. A journey to the Self.
Relax & Receive
Nothing to do; Nowhere to go; No to-do lists; No cooking; No cleaning; Just lie back and receive. Allow yourself to be fully taken care of.
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Greek Sunshine
Clear blue skies, clean waters of the Aegean Sea: bathe, bask and breathe the unique essence of Greek countryside and island life.
Free your body
Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dancing, Sufi Whirling, Swimming, Singing are what we use to help free the body from stagnation and release blockages on all levels.

Sunshine House Give-back

Did you know that for every student who comes to Sunshine House
we plant a tree and that 10% of all course profit goes to charitable causes?