Sunshine House Gives Back

Contributing to our community, both in Greece and globally, is a key component of the Sunshine House mentality. We regularly take on charitable projects of our own, and ten percent of all Sunshine House course profits go to charitable causes. In the past, these donations have been given to healthcare, disaster relief & maternity care for mothers and babies in developing countries, children’s homes for orphans in Thailand and Burma, Prenatal/postnatal care for refugee mothers and babies in Greece and more.

For 2018, we have a new charity project that we’re excited to share: we will be planting one tree for each person who visits Sunshine House this year. Throughout Europe, but especially in Greece and Portugal, there have been terrible forest fires that have hurt the tree populations of many forests. So we have decided to do what we can to help and plant some trees! We will keep a tally of all visitors this year and then do one big tree planting session at the end of the year.

We are also gathering funds to create the SUNSHINE SANCTUARY – a place where people can come and heal from long term sickness/disease and be surrounded by nature, positivity, alternative health programmes, vibrant nutrition and bodywork in order to rest and recover over extended periods of time. A percentage of profit will go directly to this project. We will keep you posted as our vision grows and becomes more concrete.

Charities We Support
Here are a list of charities that we support and encourage others to give to, as well!

https://amma.org/ (Global charity providing basic healthcare, disaster relief, green initiatives, care homes for children, education, food, homes and women’s’ empowerment programmes for those in need in developing countries)

http://amma-greece.gr/ (Charitable work for difficult times in Greece – especially for refugees)Sunshine House Group Hug in the garden

http://greece.amurtel.org/ (Prenatal/postnatal care for refugee mothers and babies in Greece)

http://www.bumisehatfoundation.org/ (Healthcare, disaster relief & maternity care for mothers and babies in developing countries)

http://www.acuwithoutborders.org/ (International promotion of acupuncture in local communities)

http://www.baanunrak.org/ (Children’s home for orphans in Thailand and Burma)

http://www.transformevia.com/ (Movement to support Evia island to transform into a place of alternative living, education and sustainability)

https://www.freunde-waldorf.de/en/home/ (Promoting and supporting Waldorf education worldwide)


And the list keeps growing….if you know of a charity that needs support, please let us know!

Dana is the ancient sanskrit word meaning the virtue of generosity or charity. It is essentially the practice of cultivating generosity and selflessly giving without any expectation of gaining something in return.