Yoni Walk Retreat with Kerys & Katjalisa

20th – 25th July 2021

When I ran away from the girl I was pretending to be, I ran into the woman I was meant to be, and she said “There you are. I was nervous you wouldn’t show”

Yoni Walk is a retreat with women, for women. It is a gathering for us to go deeper on our journey of womanhood, to unpeel the layers that we have built-in order to function in society and meet the ever-demanding needs and desires of others. In this course, we aim to drop all concepts of who we think we should be and come to a place of full acceptance of who we really are. Together we will unravel, expose, express, and release ourselves from what is holding us back from living our full potential as women. We address our sexuality, spirituality, and sensuality to break taboos and come out of our comfort zone to embrace full mind, body, spirit connection.

We will use various exercises and tools that have helped us and others to facilitate introspection and growth. In holding each other on this shamanic journey we create a safe sacred space for each one of us to go as deep as we need and while doing this we feel seen, heard and understood. Even if our stories are not the same, the core essence usually is…fear, guilt, shame and blame. When we come together in full transparency we create a sisterhood. A collective prayer offering support and understanding instead of judgment and separation. In this way, we can empower each other to find the deeper calling of our inner truth and walk this path with strength and conviction. This course is the beginning of a rebirth into becoming the awakened woman, walking the sacred path of empowerment and authenticity with grace and beauty. This can only create a ripple effect on those around us and little by little we can make a difference in this world to reclaim our power.

Each day this course will always have the goal of tapping into a deeper connection with the various parts of our fragmented selves. As we like to go with the flow and adapt to the dynamics of the group we will take the freedom to adjust the program – meaning we might leave certain activities out and include others instead.

  • The sacred map of womanhood and understanding where we are right now.
  • Understanding ancestral patterns and our lineage of women.
  • Rewriting history – tracing our past (birth, childhood, teenage years) to understand our current patterns and recreate lost rituals as we crossed sacred thresholds.
  • Understanding our boundaries – learning to live them and to speak them.
  • Self-care, breast, womb and yoni massage, herbal yoni steam. Reassessing self-care in our daily lives.
  • Artwork – expressing with paints, pencils, colors, clay.
  • Creating sacred personal totems and altars – bundles, wands, shrines
  • Movement – coming into body awareness with dance, yoga and bioenergetics
  • Love temple – exploration of pleasure, both giving and receiving also exposing fantasies and needs.
  • Ceremonies with fire, water and cacao in order to let go and invite with prayer and intention.
  • Guided meditations and visualizations.
  • Sacred menstruation rituals.
  • Women’s health clinic – exploration of alternative therapies for a variety of woman-related health issues.
  • Music – prayers through song.
  • Fire-side storytelling.
  • Sea therapy – swimming, sacred bathing.
  • Time for relaxation, journalling, digestion, sleep, beach, massage.

Kerys & Katjalisa have both been guiding women circles, facilitating workshops and retreats for many years. 

While Kerys brings in her sensual, playful side combined with her inner wisdom, Katjalisa loves to be provocative, break taboos and get you out of your comfort zone. They are connected through their deep friendship, their longing for healing between men & women and their motivation to empower other women.

They are the founders of the pioneering 6 weeks online course the Yoni Walk which is the inspiration for this retreat. 

07:30 – 08:30: MORNING PRACTICE
08:30 – 10:oo: Breakfast
10:00 – 13:30: SESSION I
13:30 – 16:00: Lunch
16:00 – 18:30: SESSION II
19:00 – 20:30: Dinner

For registrations and all inquiries related to this course please contact [email protected]

Start Date: 20th July at 6 pm
Finish Date: 25th July at 2 pm after lunch

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