The Principles of Thai Massage

Applying mindful principles at all times during Thai Massage is what creates the magic. The allowing, the unfolding, the melting, the healing – understanding these principles is the key to offering the best massage you can give.


Posture Thai Massage Poses

Where am I? How do I feel? Always questioning if you feel comfortable is the best way know if the receiver is comfortable or not. Being open and facing from our centre is where we need to go. Protect the lower back, observe the distance to the body and use straight, locked elbows – no tension in the shoulders and no muscle power.



Be fully engaged in what we are doing. Your mind and hands are one, your heart and hands are one. They are listening and waiting for the opening and sinking, aware all the time of their reactions and needs and our wandering minds and the gift of the present moment. Keep coming back to it again and again.



The energy centre, the navel, is connected to the earth, grounded and understanding that all movement and stillness comes from this one place.



We use gravity and body weight not muscular power to go deeper and sink into the body. When we use force, we have resistance. When we wait and lean and lean some more and sink and sink some more we can go deep with grace and we use gravity as our best tool to do this. And this way we don’t get tired.



Transitioning between postures in smooth and fluid ways like a tango or salsa dance! Knowing where you are going next and planning the move with the least effort – no jerking, sudden movements, clumsy footprints – only slow and steady rhythm and grace are essential.



Fullness of touch and using the whole hand to touch fully is key – always as if we were touching a newborn baby. Precision, care, love, sensitivity, and security to make the baby feel safe. We are not going to drop them, we are firm and gentle with palms fully engaged and fingers relaxed and active.



Finding the perfect fit with our hand, foot, elbow and knee, so when we touch and sink into the massage we are moulding ourselves together as one. We are not hitting on bones, flicking nerves, sliding on muscles, we are assessing the gap and filling it accordingly with the most perfect fit. 



Asking for guidance, asking to be guided to where you need to go. You will leave your own story at the door, holding space and remaining detached and compassionate, not jumping into the emotional soup, but being involved in the process of release. Always asking for guidance.


Less is more

Understanding that we don’t need to rush through sequences, we simply need to respond to the needs of the moment with no agenda, no boxes to tick off. The sequence is a guideline, the rest is your own poetry and often less is more.


Thai Massage Principles are the ingredients for a successful healing session. They are the canvas where the magic of touch will unfold. Allowing them to guide us is the first step of letting go of the mind and the connection to the listening heart.