Thai Massage Vacanza – A Paradise on Earth

Thai Massage Vacanza offers courses in traditional Thai massage and for the 3rd time is hosting a unique 10-day beginner’s course in traditional Thai Massage (more info about the course here). A large part of the course, supported by sessions of meditation, yoga and tai chi, emphasizing the importance of the spiritual connection and intuition we develop through massage. But, except for the practical part, what is that makes Thai Massage Vacanza such an extraordinary experience?

  • The Place

The course is held in the mountains of the central Swiss Alps – in the Bernese Oberland. Our quiet mountain village of Schoenried is a romantic mountainous chalet-village, which is located on a sunny terrace of the region of Saanenland. The peaceful environment offers a place for retreat and rejuvenation. The locals say that Saanenland is “The last paradise in a crazy world¨. The valley has many beautiful sights: nature preserves by idyllic Lake Lauenen with its waterfalls and high moors, the pretty idyllic, historic mountain chalet-villages set in the gentle and unspoiled Alpine landscape. The region has 10 chalet villages located at an altitude of between 1,000 and 1,400 meters.

According to legend, God wanted to take a short rest whilst creating the world. The imprint of his hand thus shaped the Saanenland region. His five fingers formed the valleys, with Gstaad nestling in their midst. It is hard not to believe that supernatural forces are at work when you let your eyes wander over the beauty of Nature. Nestling amidst the lakes and mountains lay the homely, Alpine villages with their characteristic chalets.

  • The Venue

Our course-house is built in typical mountain wooden style. As we like to keep our retreat in the spirit of master Asokananda, the founder of the Sunshine Network, the house is simple and basic, but clean, quiet and spacious. The sleeping rooms accommodate 4 – 6 people in single beds (with pillows and doonas). It has two shalas and enough toilets and showers. There are a good, well-stocked kitchen and a big eating space for inside and outside dining. The house is embedded in green lush meadows full of flowers, where the cows and goats are grazing. The singing sound of the cow-bells will be in the air. The lawn and terrace around the house are perfect for lots of sun salutations and to watch the amazing sunsets over the peaks.

So we believe that this peaceful environment and the fascinating mountain peaks are the perfect settings for a relaxing retreat where you recharge your batteries. That is why this is our 3rd time Vacanza is held here in Schoenried.


  • The force behind Thai Massage Vacanza

The courses are organized by Patrick Tanner to share the art of Asian body and movement therapies. Patrick started to study bodywork 20 years ago. He is now certified Massage-, Shiatsu-, Thai Massage therapist and has a Bachelor degree in Osteopathy. Currently, he is working on his Master in pediatric Osteopathy. On his study trips, he traveled to Europe, Thailand, India and Australia. He met many wonderful teachers including Chayuth Priyasith, Asokananda, Krishnataki, Arno L’Hermitte, David Lutt,  Izthak Helman, Laurino Bertelli, Lek Chaya, Jack Chaya, Jörg Schürpf, Ted Saito, Koshi, Ryokyu Endo, Saul Goodman, Lance Dixon and many more.

He lives and works in his own busy clinic in Itingen, a small village out of Basel, Switzerland. Nine years ago he started organizing the first Thai Massage retreat with Krishnataki. His vision is to bring the amazing teachers, he met along his path,  to Switzerland to share their valuable knowledge to interested practitioners, who cannot travel to Asia.

He continued organizing regular workshops and annual retreats in the beautiful Swiss Alps. Thai Massage Vacanza has grown into a well-known brand and is drawing many practitioners and newcomers from all over the world to Switzerland.

Since a few years, he is also teaching himself to share his vast knowledge and experience. He is teaching regularly Shiatsu and Massage courses and Thai-and Osteo retreats in Europe. He is also an international presenter at yoga and acro-yoga events. In January 2020 he will travel back to Chiang Mai, Thailand to teach his first course there!

He is the man behind Thai Massage Vacanza, putting a lot of care into organizing events, and doing his best to keep all of us happy before, during and after the retreats. Find out more about Patrick here.

  • What do past participants say about Thai Massage Vacanza?

“Thanks for all! Great training and so nicely organized! Loved it, so much healing for me.”
– Sudha


“Once again I am very inspired, nourished in body and soul and just completely satisfied started back to everyday life. You have truly found an enchanted place there. Thank you very much for your commitment that this beautiful course is happening year after year. Keep on rocking Vacanza Team!”
– Ursula


“The daily songs of the chanting are constantly going through my head; I’m meditating in the morning and both on the mental as well as on the physical level a lot has happened to me in the 10 days. It was a wonderful time with all of you and not a day goes by when I do not think about this intense time and a smile flits across my face. So many lovely little memories, uplifting melodies in my ears, smells of the amazing yummy food, the mountain air, meditation, yoga, the teaching and of course, the many interesting and cherished people who have accompanied me on this journey. Thanks again, that you and the rest of the team have made this experience possible.”
– Jessica

Read more about Thai Massage Vacanza here and dive deep into the magic world of Thai Massage.