LuscioUs: The Scent of a Woman, with Kerys and Ale

14th – 19th July 2024

The Scent of a Woman

LuscioUS is a transformative 5-day retreat, delving into the essence of Womanhood.

Join Kerys and Ale to reconnect with your body, acknowledge the places that often store shame and guilt and begin to celebrate all the faces that make up the authentic YOU. Explore the intricacies of vaginal and vulva biology, embrace White Tigress wisdom, experience the rejuvenating power of vaginal steam baths and connect with the grounding energy of the obsidian egg. This empowering journey includes self massage of breasts and yoni, hands on tools for fostering intimacy in relationships and a confidence-boosting BOUDOIR photography session, as well as using movement, dance and art as forms of self expression. Nurture your feminine spirit in a supportive, playful and rejuvenating environment and cultivate your Yin by simply receiving the gifts of Greek food, sunshine and sea. Set the wild woman free.

During the course, we will cover the following aspects:

*The life spiral & map of Womanhood, honouring thresholds

*Vaginal and Vulva Biology: a recognition and learning about our own vagina and vaginal archetypes

*Vaginal Steam Baths for relaxation, detoxification and soothing discomforts such as infections, inflammations, ailments and cysts in the ovaries

*White Tigress teachings: ancient sacred work and sexual practices for health and longevity

*Obsidian egg to work with our shadows, cut ties and clean our uterus.

*Breast massage as a form of self-care. There is research that suggests that breast massage can have many benefits for breastfeeding women, can early identify breast cancer and helps drain the lymphatic system, giving a more uplifting appearance.

*Yoni massage: A non-sexual massage that releases tension from the vagina, soothes stagnant muscles, invigorates blood flow and oxygen circulation.

* BOUDOIR photography session. This is the art of photographing the body and personality, showing the most feminine side, creating images in which women are able see their beauty reflected and at the same time offering a fun, refreshing and sexy experience.

*Women’s health clinic – sharing practices/supplements/herbs for healing specific ailments

*Building the core to feel more connected to our uterus, by using gentle core muscle building exercises, pilates and breathwork

*Sexual discussions, sharings and accompaniment. We cover topics or taboos, we talk about sexual blockages and we look for solutions for a full and pleasant sexual life.

*Art & Music & Dance & Poetry sessions to express who we are in creative and explorative ways

*Trips to the local beach and an afternoon on a boat

*Guided meditations, shamanic journeying ceremonial work to release ancestral bondage and close unwanted internal loops that hold us back from stepping into our power.

*Creating a safe and trusting environment for exploring boundaries and consent and learning how to communicate them both


My journey into feminine wisdom began at an early age, nurtured by the wisdom of the grandmothers of Mexico. From them, I learned to deeply honour and value the essence of womanhood and how to nurture and take care of myself as a woman. 20 years ago, I encountered the obsidian stone during a time when I needed profound healing. Delving into its study, I discovered its transformative power and embraced it as a tool for my own healing journey.

Traditional Vaginal steam baths became an essential part of my healing path, prompting me to immerse myself into its study and practice. Through this, I not only healed myself but also gained the ability to support other women in their healing journeys. As I sought to expand and explore further, I delved into the practices of breast massage and fellatio, enriching my understanding of the body and its potential for pleasure and healing.

With more than 10 years of study, practice and experience in this field, and a lifetime dedicated to movement and body awareness, I am now thrilled to offer retreats where I can share the efficient, easy, and powerful tools that have empowered and optimised my own body. I love sharing and creating environments where people feel the freedom to be authentic and celebrate their own gifts.


17 years ago I became a mother and it was an initiation into something much bigger than me. I began to dive deep into the different thresholds of womanhood and the impact that they have on us. I began to learn from doulas, midwives, medicine women from different cultures and traditions and sought out tools and practices to help me stay sane, heal my wounds, both emotionally and physically, and understand the importance of self-care. 

Over 10 years ago, I began to create spaces for women to come together and share about their deeper issues, intimacies, struggles and desires and from this two workshops were born – The Moon Temple – a retreat focusing on the sacred thresholds on the map of womanhood, initiations and closing cycles with gentle practices of intuitive expression, song, dance, rituals and storytelling – The Yoni Walk – a safe space, sometimes online, sometimes in person, where women can begin to reconnect with themselves waist down and look at the expression of their sensuality, their sexuality and their spirituality and the connection between them all, exposing their vulnerability and reaching acceptance and empowerment. LuscioUS will be a combination of both and a CELEBRATION of who we are and what we do. 

I love to co-create with other women and hold space for us to go deeper, to support each other, to realise we are not alone and to break free from the taboos of what is expected of us as mothers, sisters, lovers, partners, women and step into raw, deep, authenticity. I love the laughter and the tears that are born from it and I love witnessing women. I have so much admiration and respect for what so many women secretly do in this world. It’s a jungle underworld. I love the connection and the magic that unfolds as we each unravel and step out into the world a little lighter, more intune with spirit and walking with a different scent. 

Ale & Kerys have been close friends for more than 15 years. Ale spends most of her Summers in Sunshine House, either teaching, giving massages, offering water therapy or taking care of Kerys’ kids. She is part of the family and brings her Latin sophistication (and music) with her wherever she goes. Her hot chilli spice complements the pink champagne bubbles that Kerys brings and together they bring a natural, loving, juicy, luscious vibe.

For all inquiries and bookings related to this course please contact us at [email protected]

Start Date: 14th July
Finish Date: 19th July

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