Namaste Am See Yoga Festival with Krishnataki in AUSTRIA

7th – 10th June 2019

Coming together, sharing and enjoying the practice of yoga and its many different forms allows us to connect within while connecting with others. Often Krishnatkis is invited to go to different festivals and conferences around Europe to offer workshops on Thai massage, give yoga classes and share qi gong instruction. It is also inspiring to see how other teachers teach and to once again become a student and be open to learn as well as share.

During this festival, Krishnataki will offer 6 workshops

    A dynamic movement class, combining martial arts and yoga. Our energy center is the core place for our inner strength and power. Moving from dynamic action into stillness to see and reach the polarities within. With this in mind, we can strengthen the muscles around the core – the psoas, abdominals and internal organs.


    The Art of Touch. Our hands are a powerful tool. Touch is a powerful tool when used correctly and with awareness. During this workshop, we will address what it means to use Mindful Touch and understand the polarities of Yin and Yang in the massage by constantly moving from static techniques to dynamic flow and by introducing the basic principles of Thai Massage. We will learn a small sequence to set up Savasana, which is a great tool for yoga teachers and beginners in Thai massage. Listening, Receiving and Allowing.


    The Water element. During this session we will focus on freeing the spine and restoring energy in our center, dealing with issues of chronic lower back pain, kidney deficiency, energy depletion and digestive complaints. When we go deep into the core, we are able to unravel stored tension and knots, which often leave us feeling bloated, empty or depleted in order to create space for change.


    Our body is an eternal, internal spiral. In this class, we aim to unwind and set free blockages which prevent the free flow of this spiral energy. In this movement class, we connect heaven and earth and focus on our internal axis which keeps our spirit body aligned in the spiral dance of life. Feeling into the water element through vinyasa flow and qi gong choreography, we are given the opportunity to listen to the expansion and retraction of our bodies.


    A workshop to dive into massage around the ‘Anahata’ heart center, which involves treating the shoulders, scapula, upper spine, arms and neck. By working with the diaphragm and ribcage we offer our bodies the opportunity to empty our emotional garbage by creating space and the possibility for change on both the structural and emotional body.

  • Workshop 6 – QI GONG & YIN YOGA

    Therapeutic application of the Taoist approach to Qi Gong and martial arts combined with yin yoga. Qi Gong is a crucial element of Ancient Chinese Medicine, which brings stability, awareness and grounding of our energy while building core strength, We will learn a simple form, using both Yin and Yang qualities…more fluid, soft movements combined with more firey moves. A great complementary practice for yoga teachers and practitioners, to give them an alternative spice in their yogic pot.

Krishnataki, originally from Greece, has been teaching Thai Yoga massage, yoga and qi gong since 1998 having lived and studied in Thailand and India. His first gateway to the East was through the inspirational teachings of Tai Chi master Tew Bunnag which led him down the path in search of his true spiritual essence.

He is now a senior massage teacher of the Sunshine Network, and has trained with Thai massage masters Pichet Boonthume, Chayuth Priyasith and Asokananda and has a Sivananda Yoga background. He is passionate about organic farming, Chinese medicine, cooking and nutrition and incorporates aspects of yoga, meditation and Qi Gong into all his courses.

His base is at Sunshine House, where he leads a variety of retreats aimed at igniting the spiritual, healing flame that lies dormant in each and every one of us, however he still spends time travelling abroad to teach and also study, where possible. He is renown for his unique, fun-loving and passionate way of teaching as well as his generous spirit, hot hands and delicious home-made recipes. When he is not teaching, he is with his three beautiful children or soaking in hot spring waters.

  • Saturday 8th of June: Workshop 1, 2, 3
  • Sunday 9th of June: Workshop 4, 5, 6

The location of the festival will held in a holiday region in Austria, called Wörthersee.

For all information on the location and bookings please visit the website of the festival Namaste Am See – Yoga Festival and the Facebook page.

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