Move Breath Awareness Training Module 1 with Danji & Eva-Maria

11th – 17th July 2023


In this module 1 training, you will learn to better understand and transmute the full spectrum of your emotions, your thoughts and your body into an alignment back into your center. Using powerful diverse breathwork practices, movement medicine with yoga, dance and chi gong, partner/group exchanges, gestalt approach and other artistic creative tools to uplift your spirit and open your mind and heart. You will learn different bodywork techniques, both energetic and physical to apply to yourself and others.

Using your roots, the anchoring, the inner listening as the starting point, the intention of this training is to get to know yourself in a deeper way, all layers that you are, the vast range of expressions, getting a deep sense of what you are keeping in your body out of fear, shame, your own criticism and judgment. We will create a safe space to explore who we are during the breathwork journeys, integration is an essential part of this training. This training will help heal traumas, deepening the sense of self, increasing your confidence, your presence, your purpose in this life. Discovering your shadows and your light and embracing the full complex layers that we are as spiritual humans.

The training is open to all people, if you are an advanced teacher and trainer, you are welcome to join this training and start over your personal exploration of your path and journey until now. We will share a wide range of beautiful creative processes to open ourselves to a wider approach to healing and self-inquiry. You will receive many tools for integration, we will create a safe container during and after the training to help you fly into your most exquisite potential

You will be guided by two passionate heart-centered healers, in service of your highest good and intention.


I am Daniel Anner, I have been a full-time yoga teacher for the last 17 years, sharing the practice in the international organization world in Geneva, at festivals worldwide, as well as street people in different environments. My dream to bring yoga to schools was manifested by introducing yoga to kids, parents and teachers.

My passion is to create a safe space for people to connect back to their bodies and their breaths, never following a dogma but instead learning to stay authentic as humans in the spiritual world. My discovery of craniosacral with Rosemary Wallace at the Sunshine House changed my whole paradigm in how people hold traumas in their deep inner core, so I went on to study craniosacral healing modality at the Karuna Institute in the UK. It changed my teaching and approach to creating a gentle yoga practice adapted for the students. Allowing me to become softer in my presence and my touch while correcting my students.

After 5 years of teaching yoga, and meeting many students who injured themselves in the practice, I went on a quest to learn somatic techniques and powerful breathwork tools. I witnessed this work back in 2015 at the Bali Spirit Festival, and I was in awe to witness the release of emotions that people kept deep inside them, feeling that this is a foundation for any person to explore and get to know their inner world. In 2018 I became a full-time trainer of the Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System, which I continue to share in Goa, Brazil…

In a new path since 2022, I share intuitive yoga to private clients and groups to create specific practices adapted to their needs. I teach Breathwork training and workshops worldwide, presenting my first MOVE BREATH AWARENESS training at the Sunshine House. In gratitude for all my teachers and all life’s initiations, I am looking forward to holding space for you in this powerful and grounded training.

Eva-Maria Prasanda Amankay

I am a Breathwork Facilitator, Gestalt approach, Fogo Sagrado Therapist(emotional field reflection), Reiki practitioner, Yoga Teacher and pedagogue in social work. My focus is on working with people who have been traumatized. It is my calling and Mission to accompany people on their healing path. For 15 years I have been actively working with the exploration of inner processes and consciousness.

It has always been in my highest interest to seek an inner sense that feels like unity and peace. I have found many keys to create healing, wholeness, connectedness, health and love within myself. And of course, there is still and always upgrade possible. My wish is to share all the tools and knowledge that I received during the last strong healing years. I studied intensely for 3 years of Gestalt therapy which is a therapy that originated in Germany. This training was accompanied by a sharing project within a group of more than 30 people that now enables me to lead people through sharing circles into deep group processes. I just love to hold space for others with care and awareness and a clear focus.

I am a traveler and many of my journeys have taken me to South America where I studied deeply myself (my pains, my Traumas, my belief systems) during diets with master plants under the guidance of shamans originated from the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon. A 4-year cycle of Vision Quest has given me enormous support in getting to know myself and the depths of (my) human being. During the deep self-realization, it became clear to me that I have a strong perception and intuition. That’s why I have made it my mission to accompany people intuitively in processes. I use Fogo Sagrado, a therapy originating in Brazil as a tool to offer my intuitive gifts to others.

One of the most valuable keys for me is the breathwork and especially rebirthing. I see rebirthing as the heart of everything that I have discovered for myself. Rebirthing has opened great doors for me and it is a true catalyst for healing. In some way it connects everything, mind, body and soul in a genius way. It works on very deep levels and it is always available to everyone, it is magic. It helped me very much to clarify deeper layers in me and the work just touches me on such a deep level.

With deep gratitude in my heart, I am happy to help carry all the magic and healing powers of rebirthing further into the world and to accompany other people in this process of healing and self-realization, with a lot of love, Trust, care and mindfulness.

08:00 – 09:00 Yoga/Movement/Meditation
09:00 – 10:30 Breakfast
10:30 – 13:30 Main class – Session 1
13:30 – 16:00 Lunch & siesta
16:00 – 19:00 Main class – Session 2
19:00 – 20:00 Dinner
20:00 – 21:30 Self practice/ steambath / sunset at the beach or free time
22:30 Quiet time

For more info and bookings, please contact us at [email protected]

Start Date: 11th July at 6pm
Finish Date: 17th July at 2pm  after lunch

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