7 Days of Giving

Sunshine House works under the umbrella of a non-profit organization of Metta-Morfosis, transformation through loving-kindness. We took a tarot card from the Tao Oracle before Christmas and it said “Increase”.
We read that by increasing our generosity we open our hearts for abundance and beauty so we have chosen the week before Christmas to be a special week of giving.

Each day we were donating some of the profits of Sunshine House to different charity organizations to help them continue the incredible work they are doing to make a difference in this world. We hope that you may be inspired to do the same. We posted each day where we sent our donations.

Time, money, hard work and prayers are all vehicles for helping others. May we all remember that small steps altogether make a ladder…


* Day 1 *

We support alternative education. We support local initiatives. On day 1 we donated 200€ of Sunshine House 2018 profit towards the project of expansion at the Escola Waldorf an Oliveira in South Portugal (Click here for more info)

We brought our children here 6 years ago to give them the chance of having an education that would nourish them in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Please join in this campaign to help the school continue to grow beyond primary education to support teenagers and youth in their years of change and discovery. Let’s help the next generation to grow consciously.


* Day 2 *

We believe in mothering the mother. We believe that all women in the world deserve care and support during pregnancy labour and postpartum. There are so many dedicated and underpaid birthworkers around the world working to ensure that women have access to that nurture so that they can nurture their babies. Gentle birth heals mother earth.

On day 2 we are supporting two charities working in that field by donating 500€ to each one from our 2018 profit. Thanks to all of you who came to Sunshine House this year to make it possible.

Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies – a non-profit helping refugee mothers in Greece with their basic needs

Yayasan Bumi Sehat – a non-profit offering birth support and free health care to no/low income Balinese families and disaster relief. (bumisehat.org)


* Day 3 *

We support friends who do good in the world. We support the Dhamma. On day 3 we visited Centro de Retiros Karuna / Karuna Retreat Center in Monchique, Portugal. Our friend Balkrishna is the founder. He is an inspirational man who has helped hundreds of people with donation-based acupuncture and meditation retreats.

Karuna got burnt to the ground in last summer’s forest fires. Volunteers, workers and friends are helping to rebuild this place so that many more people may reap the benefits of meditation and self-retreat. We donated 1000€ from 2018 profit to help. This place brings the Dhamma to all. Thank you for everyone who came to Sunshine House so that we are able to give back.


* Day 4 *

We have supported the work of Amma for 15 years. Every year we donate to her charity “Embracing the World” in order to help with the running of orphanages, food shelters, hospitals, AIDS clinics, environmental programmes and many many more humanitarian projects. We know that every penny goes to where it needs to go. This year we are donating 500€ to Amma in Greece – ETW Hellas – our Greek Amma Satsang group, who will bring necessary items to refugees still in Greece to survive the Winter, such as food and warm clothing, as well as gifts for the children.

Thank you for your visit to Sunshine House, which made it possible. Please donate with us.


* Day 5 *

Sunshine House Give Back. We made a promise in 2018 when we launched our new website, that for every student in Sunshine House 2018, we would give back to the earth and plant a tree. After the horrific fires of both Greece and Portugal in July 2018, we of course will give to both these burned forests. We start with an offering of 400 trees to Monchique. Portugal has been infested with the monoculture of highly flammable Eucalyptus plantations. We will help to promote biodiversity with the replantation of various native trees in the forests of Monchique through the organisation of Reflorestar Portugal, with our friends Ana and Miguel, whose land and house were burnt to ashes. When we find the right people and organisation in Greece we will also donate.

Monchique fires awareness campaign video

* Day 6 *

We support organizations that help wild animals to stay wild. Thousands of animals are becoming endangered because of man’s inability to see beyond human’s superficial needs and dramatic climate changes. Our children donated their savings to adopt an animal this year. They earned their money last year from running their own Sunshine Vegan cafe. Thanks to you all for supporting them. Yannis supports the Orangutans in Borneo and Gaia elephants in Kenya. We donated to the whales’ conservation. May all animals be left in peace in their own natural habitat. I visited the elephant orphanage in Kenya 15 years ago and I saw the incredible work they are doing. See below for the organizations we are supporting.

To help save the Orangutans:
International Animal Rescue

To help save the elephants:
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

To help save the whales:
Oceanic Society


* Day 7 *

We support organizations that help children and their education. Baan Unrak Children’s Home, translated from Thai as “House of Joy”, is children’s home and community development project in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.

Five years ago we went with our children to volunteer. On the last day of our giving week we donated 500€ in order to help them continue their biggest project, which is our children’s home, providing a loving home, food, medical care and education to over 130 children from Thailand, Burma including the neighboring Mon and Karen States.



Thank you all for visiting Sunshine House this year and made our vision come true. We are grateful to have all of you supporting us and, in turn, us supporting such organizations.

Lokah Samastah Sukhinoh Bhavanru