Goddess Awakening Retreat with Einat and Eileen

Reclaim Your Feminine Essence

4th – 9nd June 2019

Embody the Sacred Feminine and awaken your inner goddess with a 6 days retreat of sacred dance, womb awakening meditations, feminine yoga, chanting, healthy nutrition and acro yoga.

You may have heard the calling to reconnect to the essence of womanhood in recent years. It’s challenging to hear the gentle whisper of this harmonic guidance in our busy and demanding lives – but it is possible, VERY POSSIBLE with the right set of tools, at the right time and in the right surroundings.

​Our female bodies are connected to nature and it’s elements in the cycles we experience daily, monthly, yearly and so on. We can hear the language nature speaks to us, listening attentively by quietening the mind and opening the sensors of the heart through movement. In doing so, we create a sacred safe space to dive inward.

“A goddess is a women who emerges from deep within herself”

Goddess Awakening Retreat is an invitation for all women to reclaim their power and bewild themselves, connecting to the voices of their heart and summoning inspiration, passion and creativity back to their lives.
It is not selfish to take quiet time for yourself. It’s actually mandatory to find the time to go inward. Through the movement of in – out, up – down, we are able to walk our paths, naturally and authentically, just like the breath of the body and the tides of the ocean.

6 Days Retreat

Sacred dance – mystical fusion inspired by Shamanic dances, Tribal fusion bellydance, persian dance and Sufi whearling. This fusion is empowering women around the world to express a feminine and hypnotizing movement with a special focus on gestures and understanding the intention behind the movement. Awakening our inner goddess with movement.
Feminine Yoga – a soft and gentile Vinyassa yoga practice focused on a healthy pelvic floor to open our bodies and harmonize the Chackras (energetic centers). Yin Yoga, Slow and soft practice accessing deeper layers of fascia.
Womb healing & awakening meditation – guides meditation and visualization to connect to the wisdom and power nested in our wombs.
Healthy Nutrition sessions – get familiar with the benefits of healthy and yummi food and how a balanced diet contribute our lives in many ways.

Throughout this blissful event you will:

  • Summon passion back into your life and revive your feminine power
  • Learn to express different facets of the woman you are, through sacred dance
  • Find new ways to connect to the roots of your inner being. You are Woman
  • Laugh, rejoice and perhaps shed a tear by collecting lost pieces of your soul
  • Allow the flow of creativity and flourishing back into your life
  • Bring health and balance to your body by learning techniques to incorporate the pelvic floor in your yoga practice
  • Feel the power of belonging to a supportive sisterhood
  • Understand and appreciate your divinity and realise the unique vessel that you are
  • Experience the immense power of dancing your authentic prayer
  • Bless and be grateful for the reality we are co-creating
  • Rejuvenate and balance yourself with healthy nutrition sessions
  • Heal and nourish the womb and learn to hear the wisdom that arises therein
  • Merge into harmony with sacred chants
  • Open up to receive the in-pouring of abundance of things that will benefit your life
  • Create you inner sacred space to summon the power and grace of divine feminine



  • Dance & movement lovers
  • Yoga & Meditation practitioners
  • Women who wants to embody self love and care
  • Women who are in need for inspiration, passion and re-balance themselves
  • Women who wants precious time for themselves, stepping out of the regular day to day routene.
  • All women who hear the calling to connect to the sacred feminine

​The retreat is open to everyone, regardless of experience of yoga or dance.
This is not the workshop for you if you’re looking for a fitness workshop with lots of sweat!

Einat Ran

Einat is a teacher both of yoga and sacred dance, ceremony facilitator and craftswoman who shares her teachings to assist in the awakening of women to their divinity. Her aim is to support harmonious living between women and men. Through her life’s work and devotion she has guided hundreds of women to get in touch with their heart’s desires and meaning in life by listening to the wisdom that arise from within.

Einat teaches internationally and enthusiastically, meeting women from all over the world to share her knowledge of a path of devotional sacred dance, yoga and meditation, forming a vocabulary of moving prayers to cultivate and embody blessings.

Eileen Wallace

Eileen is a Public Health Nutritionist (Bsc Hons Human Nutrition) and Yoga Alliance accredited teacher passionate about encouraging health & positive well-being to all. She loves experimenting with yoga and has completed several teacher trainings; AntiGravity aerial yoga, 200hr Yogahaven Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga with David Swenson and most recently Rocket Yoga. She believes that yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit, a place where we can find stillness on and off the mat, and believes that without compassion there is no yoga.

Her classes are based on ‘Lila’ or ‘leela’ Sanskrit loosely translated as ‘playful’, a journey of self-discovery, compassion, imagination, laughter and overall playfulness. Within her classes there is no pressure or competition merely the desire to learn from that pure, curious, childlike state within.

She is the owner of Yogalicious Yoga and Wellness studio in Shrewsbury a place where people can come and find their own individual yoga journey hopefully falling in love with the practice.

08:30-10:00: Breakfast
10:00-13:00: Dance
13:00-14:00: Lunch
14:00-18:00: Siesta & Beach
18:00-19:30: Singing (& drumming & dancing)
19:30-20:30: Dinner
20:30-22:00: Evening chanting/ Dancing/ Sauna/ Free time

For all enquiries and booking for this course please email Einat at [email protected]
and/or visit Goddess Awakening Retreat at Einat’s website.

Start Date: 4th June at 6pm
Finish Date: 9nd June at 2pm (after lunch)

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