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Advanced Thai Massage with Pau and Sangha

30th July - 4th August 2017


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A general advanced Thai massage course focusing on the therapeutic aspects of this dance as well as using the fundamental principals of static and dynamic techniques to bring balance, stability and stillness into the practice.

Course prerequisites: The course is open for all Thai massage therapists, who finished a 10 day basic course in traditional Thai massage (doesn’t matter which school or teacher). The course is held in English.



In this 5 day advanced seminar we will embark on a journey together, discovering the fundamental principles of the Northern style of Thai Massage, in harmonic balance between the Static and Dynamic styles, to finally find a place of stillness and silence. In that unique spot of nothingness there is no patient or therapist, no giver or receiver, nothing to do, nothing to fear. In that beautiful moment all the obstacles have fallen and the natural inherent capacity of our bodies to heal and restore can simply take over.

Day 1. The principles of Thai Massage
We will review and explore the fundamental concepts that will make whatever technique we apply stay inside what we call Thai Massage. If we are in the principles… it is Thai Massage ☺
Our hearts full of Metta, Gravity in our side, moving from the center with full participation… and placing our full attention and mindfulness in the way we touch and feel.

Day 2. The Static
Not far away from Chiang Mai, still today, one of the few living masters shares his beautiful approach to Thai Massage. His name is Pichest Boontume and his gifts have enlightened the practice of thousands. Feeling and testing the body to find the spot where it is more needed; Exquisite precision; lots of stability; sure or not Sure? And then sink… with gravity, with breath, without extra, nothing to do, everything to witness. Ahhhh… like this … also!!

Day 3. The Dynamic
Our body is over 70% water. Water is fluid. Water flows. Water is sensitive and adaptable, and also strong, powerful and limitless. When we tune in with the waves of the body and we connect to the fluids we influence the whole. This precious approach to healing was mastered by Chayuth Priyasith, another Chiang Mai master that passed away a few years back. We will find the rithm of our body and theirs, we will move, rock, shake and flow… just like a river. If the water stops... illness and stagnation will rise, as soon as the water moves... life can thrive. Let’s rock it!

Day 4. The Static
All spiritual practices have a common denominator: Slow down.
Whether you practice Hatha Yoga or Tai Chi, Buddhist meditation or Bhakti Yoga… at the end of the day every river comes to the ocean, the ocean of Peace. Thai Massage is no exception. We learn lots of movement and technique, we love the transitions and the big leverage. And in the end… movement becomes stillness, music comes into silence, and the real healing from within can take place. Present in this very moment, in touch with the needs of right hear and right now… there in no need for anything else. Just Be.

Day 5. Integration
Everything that we learn will be placed in a easy to remember sequence. You will be able to receive and give this full 1.5hr treatment to your friend. You will also take the sequence home in a video so you can keep practicing after the seminar is over.

Everything we will learn comes from the teachings of Pichest and Chaiyuth. It is also in a big way thanks to the vision and dedication of Asokananda. He was a pioneer in bringing Thai Massage to every corner of the world. Personally I have been blessed with the teachings of the most amazing Thai Massage warriors: KrishnaTakis, Kaline Alayna Kelly, David Lutt, Arno L’Hermitte, Laurino Bertelli, Dayalu and Itzhak Helmann. I am forever gratefull to their inspiration

 The facilitator:

Pau started his spiritual journey in 2005 with his first trip to India that became a life-changing experience. He quit his job and his career as a journalist to study Yoga and, together with his brother Wari and his sister Mireia, they created the Omshanti Yoga Studio in the outside hills of Barcelona. Yoga was the real inner revolution... AcroYoga and Thai Massage came along as a natural harmonic step. AcroYoga has been the cathalizer, the explosion, the rEvolution allowing him to travel the world offering workshops, retreats, Immersions and Teacher Trainnings. Along the years his passion for Thai Massage has repeatedly brought him to the Lahu Village (Northern Thailand) and the Sunshine House (Evia, Greece). Pau is an authorized teacher of the Sunshine Network Thai Massage School and is passionate about sharing the beauty of this practice.

He will be running this course together with his brothers Juan-Carlos and Vangelis, both passionate and dedicated to this refined bodywork and healing practice.

Upon completion of the course students will receive a certificate of attendance from the International Society of Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine Network).

Arrival: 30th of July . 6pm Dinner - 8pm Openning Circle.
Departure: 4th of August  after lunch

Space is limited!! Registration necessary!!

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