Sunshine House is part of the NGO Metta-morphosis.

Yoga Detox and Movement Retreat

5th - 10th August 2017


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Five days of Yoga, movement & ThaiYogaMassage to reset, restore and revitalize your body-mind connection.
Combining the ancient practices from the east with the modern approach from the west this Retreat is designed to build your own practice and to equip you with the tools you need to invite body awareness, freedom and a sustainable self-practice into your daily life.
We will be swimming in the ocean, exploring movement as a community and sweating in the steam bath. Nourishing our bodies with a delicious vegan & vegetarian buffet this Retreat will invite and ignite change on all levels in a safe and fun environment.
During these 5 days you will explore and experience different styles of Yoga, movement and healing arts to pick those techniques that fit your body and constitution forming an individual self-practice.
You will leave the Retreat with a plan that is not given to you by someone but designed by you and born from experiencing what your body and mind needs to feel ease, strength, compassion and freedom.
Come prepared to be transformed and join us at the sunshine house in Greece!



7:30 - 8:30 MORNING PRACTICE - mental training & meditation
8:30 breakfast
10:00 - 1:30 SESSION I - yoga & movement
13:30 Lunch
16:00 - 18:30 SESSION II - healing arts & personalized practice
19:00 dinner



- Beach and Waterfall

- Slacklining and movement exploration

- Yoga and Meditation

- Acroyoga

- Kirtan and Thai Yoga Massage



Julia is a well known yoga & ThaiYoga teacher and shares her passion in trainings, retreats & workshops worldwide.
It is the the group dynamics, the communication tools and techniques of her style of yoga, that brings people back to their full potential.
It was more than 18 years ago that Julia plunged into the practices of yoga. From that moment on there was no looking back and the magic started. After her first yoga teacher training (2004), her passion for yoga grew even more and she started sharing. While studying Literature and Biology at the University of Karlsruhe, she explored and studied ayurvedic massage in 2005.
It was three years later when she found the individual lines of traditional massage, yoga and acrobatic training combined and aligned in AcroYoga. The community aspect, the group dynamics and communication techniques that enrich and inspire this modern yoga practice took her style to a whole new level. Since the Acro Yoga teacher training in 2008 and continued Thai massage intensive studies from 2009 to 2011 she passes on the abundance in the form of yoga classes, workshops and individual treatments.
Today Julia enjoys being a mum, travels the world and guides people to see the beauty of their full potential.



Pascal is a sports scientist and yoga teacher, combining the wisdom of the east with modern science and ideas.
With over 20 year of experience in competitive sports, it was Yoga & healing arts that brought him back to a healthy and balanced relationship to movement. Ever since that moment, Pascal is guiding people into movement explorations and the awareness of the yoga practice. By joining trainings in different styles of yoga, ThaiYogaMassage and AcroYoga over the past 10 years, classes and workshops are always tailor made to fit the needs and curiosity of the students.
Both when working with athletes and with students from different backgrounds, the goal is the same: finding ease and creating a sustainable individual practice that serves your body & mind for the rest of your life.
As a traveling teacher Pascal shares his knowledge and ideas in workshops and retreats all over the world.



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