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Zen Shiatsu & Meridian Yoga Retreat with Yaor

21st - 27th  September 2017


Come and Join this life changing retreat and give yourself the chance to learn important skills and gain knowledge that will connect you to your body, improve your health, and make you more calm, peaceful, happy and strong.
Learn to do a full body Shiatsu treatment.
Learn a fun and easy way to practice Meridian Yoga exercises and magical Qi Gong movements and turn it into an important and sacred daily practice.
Learn important Chinese medicine principles, Ayurveda and nutrition recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.
Learn to listen to yourselves and others, and accept yourself and others as they are.
Learn to be present and aware.

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Course details

In this retreat we will learn Shiatsu from the basics, until we will be able to do a full body Shiatsu treatment.
We will learn a series of Meridian exercises (energetic channels that flow in our body), Yoga “Asanas” (postures) and Qi Gong movements, in order to release energetic blockages and gain vitality, inner silence and peace.
We will learn about the functions of the Meridians, the Five-Elements Theory, based on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), and receive important tips for a healthy lifestyle, as well as learn nutrition recommendations according to Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.
The retreat will also include A.T.B sessions, (awareness through the body) with fun activities, in order to develop awareness in our body with our friends, and enjoy our time together.

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About Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy in which manual (hand) pressure is applied to certain points in the body in order to activate the body’s energy (Qi/Meridians), based on the same principles as acupuncture.
The purpose of Shiatsu treatment is to release energetic blocks that cause pain and disease, allowing energy to flow throughout the body.
By applying pressure to the tissues, we gain relaxation, flexibility and release of pain.
In Shiatsu, we activate the Meridian channels. The term “Meridians” comes from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and describes the energetic channels that move and flow inside the body. TCM discovered 12 main Meridians that are responsible for the circulation of Qi (life energy or prana). People often carry blockages in one or more Meridians, which can result in pain, problems, and disease.
In this retreat, you will learn how Shiatsu works by both feeling (receiving) and doing (giving).
We will work in pairs, on mattresses on the floor, and practice the prone (lying on the belly) and supine (lying on the back) positions.
By the end of the retreat, participants will be able to give a full body Shiatsu treatment.

For many years, Yaor has been investigating the impact of the Meridian systems over the body and after he felt the great impact of the practice on his own body and mind, he decided to teach. Yaor developed a unique combination of Meridian exercises, Hata Yoga and Qi Gong movements, which work together harmoniously, balancing body and mind, and helping people connect with their bodies and love themselves..

Our schedule:

Day 1: Introduction to Zen Shiatsu, the 5 ElementS Theory from T.C.M including the Meridians function, nutrition, and the Prone position.
Day 2: The Metal and Earth Elements, The Prone position.
Day 3: The Fire Element, The Supine position.
Day 4: The Water and Wood Elements, The supine position.
Day 5: The Supine position plus trial session.
Day 6: Trial Session on the teacher including personal feedback

Daily Rhythm
7:00- 8:15- meridian yoga exercises
8:15-9:15- breakfast
9:15-10:45- Shiatsu Session
10:45-11:00- tea break
11:00-12:45- Shiatsu Session
12:45-14:00- lunch
14:00- 15:45- Shiatsu Session/A.T.B
15:45- 18:00– Siesta
18:00- 18:45 – qi gong/meditation/steam bath
19:00- dinner

 The facilitator

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Yaor is a senior Zen Shiatsu therapist with 7 years experience. He works in a private clinic in Ramat Gan, and in Abraham hostel in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Yaor teaches Meridian Yoga & Qi gong classes at community centers, institutions and also privately. He also works with people with disability and special needs.
Over the past few years, Yaor has been guiding Shiatsu workshops and Meridian yoga workshops in Israel, India and Europe, at resorts, healing centers and many festivals.
Yaor has a senior diploma in Zen Shiatsu Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies. He learned Hata Yoga and Qi Gong in India and Israel.
Yaor has also completed a course in Ayurveda & herbs at Anjali school (Kerala India), and learned Thai Massage with Sunshine Network in North Thailand. Yaor volunteered in Vérité and Quiet Healing Center in Auroville, India during 2015 & 2016, as a therapist and teacher guiding workshops/courses & classes.
Yaor's goal for this retreat is to encourage people to work and love their body, to enjoy the moment and learn how to adopt a healthy happy lifestyle, including tips on healthy food. He will teach an easy and fun daily practice which is based on minimal effort, in order to maintain health and gain vitality and inner silence.

Registration and info:  http://www.aty-yaor.com/retreat/  

Arrival: September 21, evening – 6pm Dinner, 8pm Introduction

Departure: September 27, after lunch

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