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Yoga for Kids - Teacher Training

21st September - 24th September  2017

Yoga for Kids - Teacher Training


We are happy to present to you a 4 days intensive Yoga for Kids Teacher Training. We will combine the knowledge and body-mind awareness coming from yoga with the depth and philosophy of Waldorf’s education system.2a

The main focus of the training will be the exploration of practical exercises, games and tools, providing you with enough class material to go three times to the moon... and back. We will also approach different pedagogical strategies that will help you manage groups with ease and bring the children to their brightest and most fulfilled potential . We shall also see how Waldorf’s philosophy can help bringing meaning and depth to every asana, game, gaze or word in your sessions with kids. So after these 4 days you can teach yoga for kids with confidence and awareness in yoga centers, schools or at home within your own family. 

Why do we want children to do yoga? Why do they “need” to relax? Why should they “learn” to breathe? These questions will be explored during the training as well as questions about our own practice: What can I offer to this group? How is my breath during the session?
We see yoga for kids as a way to bring the benefits of yoga to children, guide them to find their own potential and offer them tools of self-awareness and communication.

Who can come to this training?


This training is directed to all of you that are passionate about kids & yoga:
> Yoga Teachers, who are aiming at organizing classes for kids, family workshops, summer camps, etc...
> School Teachers, to bring yoga in the everyday life of children. Incorporating moments of awareness during the day or introducing yoga classes within the school schedule.   yoga kids1
> Parents that want to bring and share yoga within their family.


Schedule and Program

Every day from 9.30 to 20.00h
A certificate will be provided at the end of the training.

We will cover a broad range of topics that will in the end create a safe and complete container for your practice:
1. Methods and class structure
> Aim of Yoga for Kids
> Rhythm of a class & examples
2. Yoga applied to kids
> Hatha Yoga for kids
> Sun Salutations & Karanas
> Pranayamas. Breath to get energized & breath to achieve calmness
> Meditation & Yamas/Niyamas
> Inversions, AcroYoga & Partner Yoga
> Relaxation, Thai Massage, Kembiki & Reiki
> Mantras & songs
> Games, games, games
3. Pedagogy
> Waldorf philosophy
> Stages of child development
> 12 senses & 4 Temperaments
> Pedagogy of Yoga for kids
> Videos of real sessions & kids performances
4. Teaching Practice
During the second weekend of the training we will organize some free classes for all the students to teach real kids
groups and then give and receive feedback to one another.

About the facilitator

mireiaMireia Castellsague

Education: Special Education Teacher from “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona”. Graduated in Kindergarten Waldorf degree in Barcelona in 2012. Worked in a kindergarten Waldorf school and in several regular schools (private schools and special education schools).

Yoga Training: Yoga for kids training with Micheline Flak. Perinatal Yoga training with BIrthlight. 10 years ago, at the age of 21 I started my first Yoga Teacher Training, a 4 years training in the mountains in northern Spain. I’m currently following the teachings of Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram. Also AcroYoga Teacher and in continuous thai massage trainings since 2010.

Experience: Have been giving Yoga For Kids Teacher Trainings for the last 4 years. My first yoga class ever was for kids in 2005 and since then I’ve been teaching kids, adults and prenatal yoga for 10 years. Running Omshanti Yoga Studio and retreat center for 9 years, in the country side outside Barcelona with my two brothers Pau & Wari. Organizing with my family the Barcelona Yoga Conference and the Indian Yoga Festival. Been involved in kids yoga summer camps for 9 years and now organizing them in Omshanti Yoga Studio every July.

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More info : www.omshanti.cat