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"Sacred Paths" Bodywork & Pilgrimage with Kaline

27th July - 4th August 2017

 Sacred Dance, Sacred Path: Mt Olympus Retreat and Pilgrimage

Immerse yourself in the potent, mystical, extremely magical and revitalizing energy of Mt. Olympus! 
Ascend to the seat of the most celebrated Grecian Gods and Goddess, learn of the history, culture, and beauty through direct experience as you open to the hidden reservoirs of your connection to the God/ Goddess within!



Within the elixir of practically all spiritual traditions, is the guidance to "retreat", to consciously break the mechanical and conditioned tethers of daily life and open to deeper receiving, revealing, adventure and union with life's True meaning and purpose. We stop, open, listen, simmer, and take steps consciously, gratefully, and lovingly to offer ourselves to what is sacred, unknown, and calling us to ascend . 
Retreat, accompanied with a journey to a place of spiritual significance, pilgrimage, combines two of the most profound practices of universal spiritual traditions. Both practices are considered essential in establishing a closeness, even emergence, with the Divine, the revitalization of our being, an uplifting of Spirit and renewed devotion and dedication to our highest potential, to meaningfully living in Love, as Love. 
There are no words to describe what it is to walk, in the company of fellow pilgrims, with an intention to see clearly, to let go of what does not serve, to invite the open space of silence and guidance into our lives. Supporting each other, sangha, step by step....without the mask of Maya. Dear Friends, I welcome you, from the depth of my Heart, to dive deep as we ascend to the both earthly and other-worldly seat of the most revered Grecian Gods and Goddesses. 
Join us to brave baptism in the holy waters of Dionysis, to release and relax in sacred hot springs, to share in practice, song, massage, to welcome rebirth both on the mountaintop, in caves, and a celebration dive into the Aegean sea! 

Retreat will begin with an opening ceremony, delicious food, and lovely welcoming evening at Sunshine House We will venture the next days towards the base of Mt Olympus, stopping, on the way to soak and simmer in healing hot springs, then on to the sacred waterfalls , cave,and holy water of Dionysis (the Christ of Greek Gods). Along the way, we will stay in refuges, gathering for “class”, readings, inspiring tasks of creativity and deeper seeing. There will be times of silence,
reflection, “solo” time, and sangha (coming together as spiritual family).

There will be a bounty of breathtaking nature, delicious food, and unexpected delights! We will spend the day in this sanctuary, in satsang, circle, ceremony, celebration and meditation.



The facillitator

Kaline Alayna Kelly has been immersed in the healing arts and spiritual community from early childhood. She has led a life devoted to service, courageous exploration, living in wild nature, and dedication to Divine Love.kaline
Kaline is a senior teacher and holds master certification in Asokananda’s Sunshine Network of Thai Massage and Ayurvedic Bodywork in Thailand and New Zealand.
She has lived and taught in a tribal community in Thailand for more than 15 years and has studied extensively with several Thai massage masters and indigenous healers. Her background includes a rich array of medical, osteopathic, holistic, yogic, and shamanic study. Through her deeply heartcentered practice, she invites others with loving inspiration into the essence of true healing
Kaline Alayna Kelly teaches Thai massage internationally in Thailand, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States.
She also offers Yin Yoga teacher trainings and pilgrimages in Nepal, Greece, and into the Heart.


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Arrival: 27th of July evening – 6pm Dinner - 8pm Introduction

Departure: 4th August after lunch

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