Sunshine House is part of the NGO Metta-morphosis.


  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Mindful Touch Training

The Thai Massage we are teaching and practising is a combination of dynamic and static techniques, with some osteopathic and cranio-sacral influences. We are sharing our experiences on how to give a full Thai Massage understanding the energetic body to feel what kind of massage they will receive - a middle-aged German businessman will have a very different need than a Thai fisherman!!

Without pre-requisites, this course is open to everyone:
– from the complete beginner who has no hands-on experience and wishes simply to be able to give a good massage to family and friends,
– to the health professional (physiotherapist, osteopath, nurse…) who wishes to expand his or her therapeutic techniques.

Our BasicTrainings are primarily focused on self-healing.

Once we acknowledge our own suffering and personal limitations, then we are able hold space for another to discover and work through theirs. We do this with a variety of practices for opening upto self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love...such as...
daily yoga/movement/chi gong
daily meditation sittings
communal living
devotional singing
sharing circle/rituals
nutritious meals

The Thai Massage classes offer us...
Understanding and application of the General Principles of Thai Massage
Correct posture for minimum effort and maximum result
Learning to touch with awareness and listen with our hands - developing intuition
A full-body (2hr) massage sequence (each day focusing on a different mini-sequence, which slowly builds up throughout the 10 days - from the feet to the head)
Smooth transitions for fluidity and grace
Herbal compresses and moxibustion

The way it is taught is with...
Demonstration and then practice in partners
Guided demonstration
Q/A sessions
General practice time

During each basic course there is a team of highly experienced assistants who are there to offer extra help and also full Thai massage treatments - this is one of the most useful learning tools - receiving a great massage!!

Once we dive into the world of Thai Massage and something touches us deeply, then we may find that a need for more arises...this is good...although we always advise that repeating the basic course is a great step for deepening our practise. The following courses are recommended for those seeking to quench their thirst...and of course completion of a basic training is a pre-requisite for any of them...

Dynamic Thai Massage (with Krishnataki or David Lutt)
The class is based on rhythmic, rocking and oscillatory movements. Some of the techniques come directly from Thai Massage, and some from Osteopathy (harmonic techniques, general treatment). Extremely therapeutic, this class will give you new tools to improve fluidity, continuity and change of rhythm in your massage. Dynamic Thai massage is a new way to approach the body, to restore lost mobility, to release the nervous system and come into contact with the Water Element…!

Thai Massage meets Chinese Medicine (with Krishnataki & Andreas)
Five elements energy points and therapy.  This course aims to deepen our understanding of the therapeutic aspect of Thai massage. We will discover the wisdom of the 5 elements , the polarities if Yin and Yang and how to apply them in our massage practice using the principals of the Sacred Dance.  With both a static and dynamic approach we will learn the most important energy marma points that run along the sen energy lines, and how to use them in accordance with ancient Chinese elemental system.

Therapy with Energy Lines ( with Laurino)
In this course we will learn the science behind what we do in Thai Yoga Massage. We will have the chance to experience the different qualities of the 10 main Energy Lines which will provide great insight for further intuitive therapeutic work. We will also cover the therapeutic uses of the 10 Sen (energy lines) in Northern style Thai Yoga Massage. We will learn how to use this ancient knowledge to treat a variety of common physical and mental imbalances.

Osteothai (with David Lutt or Arno)
Osteothai is the integration of osteopathic principles and techniques into Thai massage, a bridge between East and West. It’s a form of bodywork that combines extraordinary creative and powerful Thai massage techniques with the precise and gentle touch of osteopathy. Osteothai combines :
- Traditional Thai massage’s varied and powerful stretches, using long leverage techniques across muscle groups (inspired by yoga postures); and its acupressure work on energy lines and the creativity of dynamic movements of traditional Thai massage.
- Osteopathy’s release of tissue tension and work on restriction of mobility.

Mindful Touch Training is a demanding and high level educational programme aimed to standardise the practice of Thai Massage for motivated students. We wish to provide a framework for both practitioners and teachers of Thai Massage so that the quality and level of Thai Massage may be recognised and acknowledged accordingly. In offering such training programmes we hope to keep the tradition of intimate teacher and student relationship as well as respond to the needs of a present day therapist in the sense of coursework, trainings and standard practice.
The birth of Mindful Touch comes from the collaboration of two well known schools of Thai massage, Sunshine House (Krishnatakis) and Lulyani (David Lutt), whose joint aims are to spread the teachings of Thai Massage, the principles of Touch and the practice of Mindfulness.

Practitioner Training
In order to be recognised as a practitioner of Mindful Touch Thai Massage we ask for the following courses to be completed:

1. Basic Course of Thai Massage x 2
(This course must be attended twice - favourably 3 times)
We accept ONE of the courses from:
a. Any of the authorised teachers of the Sunshine Network
b. Any of the beginners courses from Sunshine Massage school, Chiang Mai
c. Thai Massage Circus training
d. any of the authorized teachers of the Mindful Touch Training
AT LEAST one of the courses attended must be with either Sunshine House (Krishnataki) or Lulyani (David Lutt)

2. Advanced Thai Massage Trainings x 3
We ask that you attend minimum 3 advanced trainings, which can be selected from the following courses:
a. Dynamic Thai Massage (with David or Krishnataki)
b. Energy Lines (with Laurino or Felicity )
c. Thai Massage meets Chinese Medicine (with Krishnataki)
d. Introduction to the Koshas (with Ralf Marzen )
e. Women’s health in therapy (to be confirmed)

3. Osteothai x 3
We ask that you complete 3 Osteothai trainings. We accept ONE of the trainings to have been taught by Arno L’Hermitte
a. The principles of Osteothai (with David)
b. Osteothai for the Internal Organs (with David)
c. Any other Osteothai training (e.g. Osteothai for the Spine, joints) (with David or Arno)

4. Level 1 Integrated Cranio Sacral Biodynamics
This course is taught by Rosemary Wallace at Gentle Touch.

5. Detox & Nutrition Retreat
This course is offered by Sunshine House (Krishnataki) once a year, however we accept other reputable detox retreats with a good understanding of nutrition principles and cleansing techniques.

6. Silent/Mindful Retreat
We recognise all introspective retreats of meditation and/or satsang (e.g. Vipassana, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mooji, Zen)

7. Giving treatments
Giving massage is one of the best tools for learning and integrating that which we study in the trainings. We ask that you give a minimum of 500 massages to a wide variety of people.

8. Receiving treatments
Receiving massage is also a very useful learning tool. In this way we understand the way we want to be touched (or not to be touched!!) and thus the way we touch. We ask that you receive at least 10-20 massages from  different authorised Mindful Touch practitioners and also a treatment from Rosemary.

9. Teacher feedback
For the final agreement and authorisation, each student must give ONE treatment to either David Lutt or/and Krishnataki, so that they receive the necessary feedback on their massage and also advice if any of the other trainings need to be repeated.

We recommend that the above 9-step programme be completed over a period of 3-6 years and that it is taken as a basic minimum guideline.
We do believe that the quality of touch is not always related to the number of hours done in class. So please note very clearly that to become a Mindful Touch Thai Massage Practitioner, the last step is a verbal agreement from Krishnataki and David.