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www.amritapuri.org, www.amma-greece.org
A percentage of our yearly earnings are donated to the Amritananda Charitable Trust, which invests in projects such as building hospitals for AIDS and leprosy victims, schools, universities, orphanages in South India. See website for information on Amma’s charity work, beautiful spiritual teachings and never-ending hugs and love.

Thich Naht Thanh is a Vietnamese Zen master, poet, writer and human rights activist who has established a monastery in South France, dedicated to sharing the practice of meditation and mindfulness of breathing with individuals and families.

An international network of meditation centres, focusing on the Vipassana technique, brought back to life by the Burmese meditation teacher S.N. Goenka. Courses are all donation based, offering ten days of silence to go beyond the external world and see things ‘as they really are’.

Offering teachings and retreats in India and Spain, combining elements of meditation, deep rest, yoga, chi gong, silence, nature, meditative singing and Jin Shin Jyutsu.



Website showing all courses from all Sunshine Network teachers worldwide, including retreats in Lahu hill tribe, Northern Thailand.

Thai massage school in Chiang Mai, dedicated to running classes in the spirit of the late Asokananda. Courses in both beginners and advanced levels.

One month long Thai massage retreats for advanced practitioners looking to not only deepen their awareness and knowledge but to connect with other souls on the path and enjoy the beautiful exchange.

Founded by our brothers David Lutt and Arno L’Hermitte, this school specialises in combining the techniques of osteopathy with Thai massage – offering both beginners and advanced classes worldwide

Fellow brother of the Sunshine Network, Itzak Helman, offers Thai massage around the world – courses for beginners and advanced practitioners.

One of the most senior teachers of Sunshine Network, Andrea Baglioni spends his time traveling and teaching Thai Yoga massage, as well as helping to manage Sunshine Network in Thailand.

Sisters Nicky and Fiona Smith,both teachers of the Sunshine Network, run courses and offer treatments, based in Bristol and Brighton, UK.

Run by a brother of the Thai Massage Circus, Zen Thai draws from the respected healing traditions of Zen Shiatsu and Traditional Thai Massage whilst using proven Osteopathic techniques. Retreats are run in Australia and Bali.

A Thai Massage specialist, offering treatments, yoga classes and courses in Germany, Greece and around the world.

The breathtaking and peaceful mountains of eastern Switzerland are the perfect setting for our courses in traditional thaimassage for beginners and advanced practitioners. In the spirit of the roots of Thaimassage, the course is held in the stillness of the mountains far away from the buzz of civilisation.



RosemaryWallace’s gentle touch cranio sacral workshops around the world, which touch, open, dig deep into and heal hearts with grace, integrity and laughter

A sister school in Athens which aims to promote sacred knowledge of the East with the much-forgotten wisdom of Ancient Greece. Courses range from acupuncture, Hippocrates, herbology, astrology, nutrition and massage (including Thai massage).

Experience a holistic system of energetic healing that channels divine light and consciousness— to heal the body, transform emotional patterns, and awaken us to True Self. This is the Merlin lineage.



A site offering information on upcoming yoga retreats and workshops in Greece. Blend of ancient practice in an ancient place.

Helen teaches from the heart in a playful, joyful & fun way focusing on helping everyone express their own beauty & using Partner work to help students support one another in order to reach their true potential & push each others boundaries. She has also developed a greater depth & passion for incorporating the breath, Hathenas & Pranayama into her teachings & practice.

Inspirational teachings on undoing the doing..approaching yoga from the inside out and allowing us, with grace, to go deeper on this journey of listening to our bodies and understanding what we really need to unravel. Based in Lesvos, Greece.

Beautiful yoga space in downtowm Athens, teachings Anusara inspired - offering daily classes in yoga, meditation, tai chi and periodical retreats of acroyoga, nutrition and yoga immersions.

Courses and trainings worldwide in this unique blend of Yoga, Thai massage and acrobatics. Joy, playfulness and trust are some of the beautiful principles of this uplifting, revolutionary practice.

A beautiful yoga centre outside Barcelona, run by our dear friends and brothers Pau, Isis and Wari. Their hearts are full of joy and positive energy. They offer many courses, also worldwide, in Acroyoga.

Centres all over the world, teaching fundamental principles, philosophy and practices of Hatha yoga in its purest form. We are very grateful, as are many, for these beautiful teachings.

Daily classes in HathaKriya yoga and Preksha meditation run by Marcel and Korina at their centre in Athens. Regular retreats in the mountains of Pelaponese (South Greece), where they share their love, light and guidance for finding our inner truth.

Daily classes and retreats in Tasmania run by Lee Cody, whose Vinyasa flow has been influenced by teachers such as Donna Farhi, Judith Lasater and Clare Raffety. A deeply nourishing and unearthing experience run by a beautiful wise soul.

Yoga teacher training for kids yoga, offering non-traditional, inspirational, interactive and imaginative journeys into a childs developing mind, body and spirit.

Sahaja Akademie - thai yoga massage and yoga. A colourful place in the heart of Munich, offering workshops, courses, treatments, retreats and yoga classes.



The BYC is a Yogic Celebration open to people from all ages and backgrounds with or without previous experience in yoga. An uplifting open hearted gathering with world leading Yoga teachers and musical artists creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover and transform.

An annual gathering of yoga teachers and students from all around the world in Kologne, Germany.

For the third consecutive year, yogagroove and its partners are organizing the international festival of yoga and music, a celebration of peace and joy! High level teaching from yogis from around the world will be present for this unique occasion!



Set in the jungle around Iquitos of North Peru, the temple hosts deep, intensive spiritual retreats, using sacred medicinal plants and Shamanic rituals of the indigenous Shipibo tribe female healers.

Tierra Mitica is  a healing center situated in the beautiful unspoiled Fasaquihui gorge 39 kms from Tarapoto, Peru. It is envisioned to be the permanent home of the Mythic Voyage, a fully guided and focused 9 day Ayahuasca retreat which bridges the ancient wisdom of the indigenous Shipibo healers with Western culture and understanding.

A spiritual healing Odyssey down the Amazon river through the enchanted land of Peru, using medicinal plants and ancient Shamanic practices of the indigenous Shipibo people.



Troō Food Liberation is a collective of people from different backgrounds  that  came together to work toward exposing the truth behind our food. We organize   Vegan / Raw / Superfood Cooking Classes, Wild Mushroom & Herb Collecting Excursions, and Nutrition & Food Awareness Educational Talks in kindergartens and high-schools 

A beautiful website with vegan and raw food receipies inspired by the raw chef and author of the book " Vegan and Living Raw Food" Nina Savidi. 

College of Natural Nutrition is revolutionary institution based in UK training people how to best take care of bodies and minds, using healthy foods, vitamins, superfoods, detox techniques and listening to our needs.

Juice fasting retreats in Europe and India run by our special friend and nutritional advisor, Rebecca Andrist. Courses aim to detox the body with fasting, yoga and colonics and to promote mind-body awareness with sessions on environmental issues, healthy eating and global awareness.



La Leche League is an international charity organization, offering advice, guidance and support for breastfeeding mothers. Many towns and cities have their own local gathering of women sharing knowledge with other women.

An inspirational organisation/charity founded to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood through the practice of yoga. Perinatal yoga, baby yoga and aqua yoga classes as well as teacher training programmes.

Injoy promotes (partly through specialised forms of yoga) loving conceptions, loving pregnancies, loving births and loving parenthoods to present the world with loving, happy, beauitful babies who are eager for life.

Holistic pregnancy in Southern Spain; an organisation run by a group of midwives & doulas, supporting natural births and running courses in traditional lay midwifery

Information on Michel Odent (former student of Frederick Leboyer) on natural birthing methods and doula training.



Tamera in Southern Portugal is an international training and experimental site for the development of peace research villages and healing biotopes worldwide. Addressing social, political, economic, spiritual and sexual issues of man and nature in a non-violent way.

A Japanese based NGO in the form of a ship, which sails around the world supporting other NGOs and grassroots movements in human rights, global awareness and sustainable living. Peace boat visits Sunshine House three times a year – see the following links for articles on their visits.

Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity. South India..


The Africa Yoga Project organization uses the transformative power of yoga to empower communities and change lives. By inspiring the global yoga community into active service, we deliver effective and innovative programs that foster peace, improve physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, facilitate self-sufficiency, and create opportunities to learn and contribute across the communities of East Africa.

Baan Unrak, translated from Thai as "House of Joy", is a children's home and community development project in Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. Our biggest project is our children's home, which provides a loving home, food, medical care and education to over 130 children from Thailand, Burma, and the neighboring Mon or Karen States.



Terry is a guitar playing, singer songwriter based in Southern Ireland where he practices Kung Fu and laughter therapy
(see also http://www.myspace.com/terrymonaghan to listen to his work)

From Rio de Janeiro now based in Barcelona, carried away about exotic instruments and the healing properties of sound, Pedro is a multi-instrumentalist performer and musical producer. He sings Mantras and is experienced in Overtone chanting.

Is a project that was born from the union of: Pedro Collares, Ravi Ramoneda and Núria Aguiar. Music for the awakening of consciousness. A combination of strength and sweetness that will guide you in a journey deep in to your heart in a space were stillness is the real essence. Indian tablas, hang, guitar and other instruments blend into soft singing voices of ancient chants from India and other cultures.



World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is an organization which promotes volunteer work in homes and farms worldwide. We host WWOOF volunteers year-round at Sunshine House.

An organisation set up to promote fair exchange between individuals and organisations with a few hours work per day for food and accommodation in return.

Couch Surfing is non-profit organization which aims to connect people from all over the world by matching travelers with hosts for free accommodation as a way of creating informal exchange and openings.