Advanced Dynamic Thai Massage with Krishnataki & David

21st – 27th August 2019

A Thai massage treatment should include fluidity, continuity and… rhythm. The latter is going to be our main focus during this 5-day playful course.
Nature is characterized by rhythms and cyclical patterns :
– atoms oscillation, light and sound wave patterns, movements of planets, seasons… around us.
– breathing activity, cell division, peristalsis, heart beats, hormonal activity, body masses movement… within us.
We live through this perpetual Yin and Yang manifestation. Life is movement and rhythm is one of the fundamental principles of Life. It allows evolution! It is this cyclical change in-between rest and movement that generates forces. And in the same way, the non- respect of our inner rhythms leads us to a disease state.

..Dynamic Flow …In this course we will learn how to go with the flow…and have freedom in our movement. Having already the basic techniques and principles of Thai Massage, we will go deeper in our understanding of the flow…the Sacred Dance. How we can adjust, move and dance with another body, without getting “stuck” in positions, keeping precision in both line work and acupressure points. We will explore more acupressure points and learn how to use more the elbow, knee and foot. We will learn how to give a full body Thai massage by using the foot only and we will incorporate elements of dynamic Thai massage into our practice.

Takis (also called Krishnataki in Asia), originally from Greece, has been teaching Thai massage and Yoga since 1998 having lived and studied in Thailand and India. He is a senior massage teacher of the Sunshine Network, and trained with Thai massage masters Pichet Boonthume, Chayuth Priyasith and Asokananda. He is passionate about Chinese medicine, cooking and nutrition and incorporates aspects of Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong into all his courses. He is now based in Greece, at Sunshine House, where he teaches daily yoga classes, offers treatments and runs retreats. In winter he travels regularly to Asia to teach courses has been a teacher in the Thai massage Circus in Laos for the past few years. He is renowned for his unique, fun-loving and passionate way of teaching as well as his generous spirit and delicious home-made recipes.

David Lutt is a licensed osteopath combining his expertise and love of osteopathy, Thai-yoga massage and zen shiatsu. He is the co-founder of Osteothai and initiator of Dynamic Thai Massage. He has a Thai massage and Osteothai school in France, Lulyani (www.lulyani.com) He has spent 4 years living in Asia (India and Thailand) immersing himself in yoga, shiatsu, Vipassana meditation and traditional Thai massage. In Thailand, he studied mainly under Asokananda and Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyasith, who was and is still his real inspiration. He runs Thai massage and Osteo Thai courses all over the world. And his love for movement, rhythm and fluidity makes him enjoy capoeira, swimming in the sea and… football!

06.30 – 08.30: Meditation & Yoga
08.30 – 10.00: Hearty Breakfast
10.00 – 13.00: Thai Massage session 1
13.00 – 15.30: Lunch & Siesta
15.30 – 18.30: Thai Massage session 2
18.30 – 20.00: Acroyoga / Qi Gong / Steam Bath
20.00 – 21.00: Dinner
21.00 – 22.00: Metta Meditation & Bhajans

For all inquiries related to this course please contact [email protected]

Start Date: 21st August at 6pm
Finish Date: 27th August at 2pm (after lunch)

Upon completion of the course a certificate of attendance from the International Society of Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine Network) is awarded.

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