Sunshine House is part of the NGO Metta-morphosis.

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Welcome to Sunshine House 

Sunshine House is a traditional, old country home and grounds of 5 generations, situated on the island of Evia, Greece. It is used as a kind of sanctuary, exploring healing techniques of the East and the West, where many may come to learn, share and grow.  The aim of Sunshine House is to promote simple living and community gatherings anchored in deep spiritual practice. We open our doors to all those in search of this.

With the practice of meditation, yoga and Thai massage among other traditional spiritual practices, our hope is to increase our vitality, transform our fears into loving kindness and let go of judgments – both of our selves and of others. This in turn creates the space we need to reconnect with ourselves, with nature and with our own spiritual essence. For only when we are deeply connected to the Divine can we be open to receive the information we need to lead a blissful life. Our prayer is that we may come together in community, with simplicity, creativity and with Divinity.